Items List

For our residents and families

As we strive to make this a place where many people can live together with their differing needs and wishes, we ask that you follow some guidelines that will help us maintain safety, sanitation, and respect.  Please ensure that all items you bring in (other than clothing) are clearly marked with the resident’s name and also listed on our belongings form.  You need to update this form with the staff when removing or bringing in items. Please note this list may be updated from time to time of which you will be informed.

Should you have any concerns, please feel free to speak with us at any point.

Thank-you for your anticipated assistance and cooperation.

Items to bring:
  • personal toiletries with make-up/shaving kit
    e.g. nail clippers/files, tooth brush/paste, denture cleanser/ adhesive, hair brush/comb, skin lotion, deodorant/powder, electric razor
  • shoes/slippers which are well-fitted & non-slip
  • undergarments, shirts/blouses, pants, dresses/skirts, nightwear, sweaters, socks, seasonal outerwear when needed
  • food/drink in sealed container suitable for dry
    storage in resident’s room for up to 1 week
    *Note: We reserve the right to discard any foods which cause a sanitation/safety concern as determined by our staff. It is your responsibility to monitor food. Please date all food items.
  • room décor e.g. pictures, calendars, painting, wall stencils
    *Note: Please use the provided cork board. No items shall be wall-mounted around the bed. (exception is wall stencils)
  • favorite comforter/throws, pillows
    *Note: You are responsible for laundering these items.
  • single dresser, single nightstand, single easy rise chair (wipeable fabric), assistive equipment currently used
    *Note: Please see our Policy. Any furniture/ equipment brought in will be assessed by our staff to ensure it complies with our policy and safely meet the resident’s needs. You may be asked to remove or replace items upon assessment. All your furniture/equipment is your responsibility to maintain as well as to remove on discharge and/or when requested. We do not take items for donation. Please speak with the Rehab Assistant for consignment vendor information if interested in selling your equipment. A disposal fee will be charged for items left by families which are disposed of by West Park Manor.
  • television, telephone, radio/cd player, cd’s, clocks, computers/tablets
    *Note: Please see our Policy. It is your responsibility to contact the appropriate service provider for hook-up, disconnection and with new information if a room change is done. It is your responsibility to provide any required batteries, cords, or replacement parts.
  • We suggest that you purchase tenant’s insurance to cover your items in the case of damage or loss. West Park Manor is not responsible for any damage or loss occurring to your items.
  • medication approved by West Park Manor physician and to be supplied by you as per policy. Please contact the nurse manager for information on how to request these products.
  • Walking aides e.g. cane, walker wheelchair with cushion/leg rests/head rest, special eating utensils, reach devices if used
  • lipstick and other make-up which may cause staining
  • nail polish and polish remover
  • sharps
    e.g. scissors, knives, seam rippers
  • food/drinks requiring fridge/freezer
    *Note: You may bring in a meal for a resident to eat that day, but must remove leftovers after that meal.
  • live plants
    *Note: Our staffs are not able to maintain plant care.
  • pets, pet-care items
  • swivel chairs, oversize furniture of any kind, rugs, electric blankets, Halogen lamps, hanging shelves
  • permanent marking items
    e.g. Sharpies, coloring markers, paint, stain, bleach, paint remover
  • aerosols of any sort
    e.g. hairspray, room freshener, sun screen, bug spray
  • medication not approved by West Park Manor physicians
  • Enough washable, dryable clothing to last 7 days (dresses, skirts blouses, pants sweaters, shirts, jogging/track pants/suits)
  • 5 undershirts or 3 brassieres
  • 12 pairs of socks or stockings (no pantyhose)
  • 7 undershorts or panties
  • 4 night gowns or pajamas
  • 1 housecoat
  • 1 pair well-fitted non-slip walking shoes
  • 1 pair well-fitted non-slip slippers
  • Belt or suspenders if worn
  • Outdoor jacket appropriate to season. Eg. spring/fall jacket/winter coat during winter months
  • Please ensure that all clothing is comfortable and easy to put on and take off.
  • Note that family may be requested to purchase adaptive clothing