Canada Summer Job- Garden Helper x1

Apply To: Teresa Reynolds

DUTIES: Candidate for this position will assist with property flower bed maintenance and general lawn care aiming to involve elderly residents to plant, nurture and care for various flower pots and plants on the outdoor property. This position will help to create reminiscence and stimulate the use of horticulture activity and familiar plant activity the elderly may have used through their life span. In using planting and nurturing activities of property green space controlled areas, such as flower bed and pot planting, digging, mulching, watering general lawn care and other plant activities to enhance green space can be a source of therapy to elderly residents while improving and maintaining range of motion, muscle strength and enhance some self – esteem for those elderly that are willing participants in such activities that will be safe for them. In door tasks may be assigned on rainy days.

QUALIFICATIONS: Students pursuing a career in horticulture or have related experience, be able to exhibit mature and patient social skills with a desire to work outdoors and connect with elderly people. You must possess a keen interest in working with green space nurturing and planting tasks along with general simple repair and green space clean up and lawn care and exhibit strong communication skills. Able to work independently within a team structure, be in good health, have a sense of fun and responsibility and show good initiative. Willing to support a holistic work life philosophy of a Care Home would be an asset. Candidate accountable to the Director of Recreation and Maintenance leaders.

HOURS: Mon – Fri Primarily days,

START DATE: May / June under consideration To End August 31, 2024

REQUIRED: Must work Min of 30 hours /week, Some relates experience and Age is 16-30 years
WAGE: $17.75/hour

Worker student(s) will be supervised by the Maintenance and Recreation team leaders input from Administration. Mentoring will occur by both leaders as needed to give student some guidance in the care and maintenance of property green space areas. This will provide valued experience to students in horticulture and/or recreation studies

As an employer we have a partial day paid safety and general orientation of our safety program, including worker safety rights. A self-test on WHMIS will be done and accident reporting system to assist with information retention. Safety orientation also covers a violence prevention program procedure.

Career paths in Horticulture or Recreation fields, with emphasis in outdoor activities.
Giving exposure to this work will motivate and assist a student with practical experience and assist with their continued plans to pursue career goals in a related field of study.