Canada Summer Job- Music Therapist Facilitator x1

Apply To: Teresa Reynolds (Recreation Coordinator)

HOURS: Primarily days, (30-40 hours/week) some evenings and weekend rotation


REQUIRED: Must work Min of 30 hours /week, Some relates experience and Age is 16-30 years
WAGE: $17.75/hour
Work Date: May/June 2024 To End Date August 31, 2024

TASKS & RESPONSIBILITIES: The candidate student will be responsible to provide music therapy related services to senior residents for a pleasurable activity for a number of assigned individual elderly people through one to one interventions or small groups. This may be done with live instruments, pre-recorded music or the use of video media. Responsible candidate will need to have a good understanding of music and needs to have creative qualities. A good command of oral and written communication of the English language is required and the candidate will need to be out-going, patient, gentle and have the ability to work independently and 1:1 with individuals. Some abilities on musical instruments by a candidate will be preferred asset.

SUPERVISION And MENTORING: Student will be mentored and supervised by the director of recreation department and supported team members of certified recreation therapists. We would be open to student preceptor supervision as well if currently enrolled in a program. On-going support will be available and provided to ensure success of the program and practical experience can be learned by the student.

HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICES IN THE WORKPLACE: Employer will provide a full day paid orientation routine, which includes 4 hours of our safety program. Safety policy and procedures are covered along with lift and transfer procedures as required by the job and a self test on WHMIS and safety to help with information retention. Workplace accident reporting system is also covered during this orientation.

LEVEL OF EDUCATION RECRUITMENT: Ideal for Early to mid-Post-Secondary Music related majors currently in a related study program.
This work experience will provide full time work experience for students that are pursuing Recreation therapy and/or Music Therapy as a career goal. It is to give music major students exposure to this work, motivate and assist them in their decision to continue to pursue their career goals in the field of recreation and/or music services.