Canada Summer Job- Rehab Assistant x4

Apply To: Melanie Gumbs, Director of Care 

PART B – JOB TITLE AND DETAILS:  Rehab Assistants @ 4

Assist with programs that will provide physical, mental and social stimulation to low functioning, alert residents that will enhance their quality of life and help maintain and restore self-esteem among residents that have special needs and physical challenges in support of our belief that each individual has the right to live in a meaningful way and function to their maximum potential possible within the limits imposed by their mental/physical impairment. 

HOURS:              Primarily days, evenings and weekend rotation

WORK DATE:   May / June and early July under consideration To End by August 31, 2024
REQUIRED:      Must work Min of  30 hours /week,  and candidates age must be in the range of 16-30 years.

WAGE:                $18.25

TASKS & RESPONSIBILITIES: Assist with, routine walks for special needs residents inside and outside for exercise, fresh air and sunshine, and general physical/mental/social health.   Discussion to stimulate and maintain residents’ present mental functioning,  enhance residents’ self esteem and improve socialization for residents in one on one or group settings.   Duties may include but are not limited to visits, meal assistance, strengthening exercises, outdoor activities,  or assisting nurses with some basic care plan tasks, etc.   Student candidate must possess a strong command of oral and written communication skills and be able to work independently within a multidiscipline team setting.    Other desirable qualities include a high degree of patience, the ability to adjust to changing conditions, concern for the welfare of others, and the physical strength and stamina to meet the requirements of the job.

SUPERVISION  And  MENTORING:   Worker student(s) will be supervised by the Director of Care and Rehabilitation Assistant with input from the Physiotherapist/Occupational Therapist.    Mentoring will occur by Rehab. Assistant and related professionals to give guidance in the development of basic Rehab care plan tasks that will assist nurses and other disciplines in the care of seniors with activity and special needs.    This will provide valued experience to youth in health care related professions.

WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY ORIENTATION:  As an employer we have a full day paid orientation routine, which includes lift and transfers and four(4) hours of our safety program.   A self-test on WHMIS will be done to assist with information retention.   The workplace accident reporting system is also covered during this orientation.

LEVEL OF EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE RECRUITMENT:      Post-Secondary with some related rehab experience preferred.   It is career-related student work experience for occupational/physiotherapy fields. Experience exposure to this work will provide valuable experience to youth with practical experience and assist with their continued choice plans to pursue career goals in their field of study.