Health Care Aide: open until filled

Department:  Nursing

Position:  Health Care Aide

Considerations & Qualifications: 


Previous job performance,

Attendance factors,

Seniority as related to hours worked,

Experience in dementia related geriatric care,

PIECES/CAUSE education or equivalent considered,

Work shift as scheduled and a weekend rotation,

Work all units,

Support a holistic spiritual philosophy of care with positive leadership and human relations skills,

HCA certification from a recognized MB accredited school or equivalent,

Other specific orientation may be required,

Enrollment into a HEBP benefit plan is required.

Status:  Various

Start Date:  Variable depending on position

Posting Number:

HD-12.24    0.4FTE Day 4.75h Permanent

HD-13.24       0.4FTE Day 4.75h Permanent

HD-14.24       0.4FTE Day 4.75h Permanent

HD-15.24       0.5FTE Day 6h     Permanent

HE-39.0823  0.6FTE Day 8h    Indefinite Term

HD-21.24 0.7FTE Day 8h Permanent

HE-16.24       0.7FTE Eve 8h     Permanent

HE-17.24       0.5FTE Eve 6h     Permanent        

HE-18.24       0.7FTE Eve 8h     Term end 1.8.2025

HE-19.24       0.6FTE Eve 8h     Permanent

Response: Please reply in writing with posting number to the Director of Care at